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Crystal Healing Tools

for Spiritual Rebels

Hi there,

Crystal Lover

We are a sassy online crystal healing store, specializing in powerful healing crystals and

healing tools for spiritual rebels.

Founded by Kate Mantello, the international author, Master Crystal Healer and founder of Evolve Healing Institute (the world's most respected crystal healing training institute) our pieces are for those who value the excellent quality, individuality and ethical imprint of their crystals. From custom native Australian smudge sticks to one-of-kind Lemurian Quartz healing wands, we have the perfect high-vibe piece for your unique healing needs!

Love. Crystals.

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Ethical & Cruelty free


Hand-selected Crystals

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High-vibe Healing Energy

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Packaged with Love


large smoky quartz crystal infused candle

Crystal Infused Candles

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Crystal Smudge Sticks

crystal healing smudge stick

Crystal Healing Tools

quartz healing wand, crystal & co

Quartz Healing Wands

amethyst cluster healing crystal

Crystal Healing Stones

cleansing crystal infused bath salts

Crystal Infused Bath Soaks

Kate Mantello, Crystal & Co, Crystal and Co
unique as YOU

Welcome to Crystal & Co, beautiful soul! 

At Crystal & Co, we understand that every crystal is as unique as you are. In a world obsessed with 'fitting in', being 100% authentically YOU is the ultimate act of rebellion!

That's why we are not your typical 'fluffy' online crystal store. Our healing crystals are individually hand chosen for their spunk, sass and rockin' personality. Whether you are a crystal newbie chasing a crystal healing starter kit, or an advanced practitioner looking for a full-power Vogel wand - we've got you covered babe!

Kate Mantello